MemeDAO — Coordinape

3 min readMar 10, 2022


Good day seurs!

In this article we will go over the process to sign-up for Coordinape, allowing you to become a contributor in the MemeDAO.

This will be needed as Coordinape is where the pay-outs for DAO contributions will happen.

There is a monthly reward of $3000 in MEM token up for grabs.

  1. Signing up to Coordinape.

Follow the link above and register to the site.

After the registration you won’t be able to immediately join the MemeDAO circle by yourself.

Which leads us to 2nd step.

2. After you register, send your address to one of the admins on MemeExplorers discord server. (In this case that would be @flashmob96#4722 or @ tom | tom#1234)

This is needed as contributors have to be added manually to the MemeDAO circle.

Now that you’ve registered, let’s go over the main activities on site and the way it operates.

On the main page of Circle, there are 3 main categories.

Allocate, Map & Vouching.

  1. Allocate

On this page you will be able to see all the members of MemeDAO and reward them for their contributions in real time.

In the “GIBS allocated” section is where you will allocate your GIBS to contributors each month. GIBS will be translated into the MEM token at the end of every epoch.

In the “Leave a Note” section is where you write for what task you rewarded the contributor. It is not mandatory to leave a note but transparency is encouraged.

(As of now, only Meme Council and Elder Council member have the ability to reward GIBS)

Everyone can receive them.

Each Meme & Elder Council member gets 100 GIBS to allocate each epoch.

2. Map

An excellent transparency tool on Coordinape that shows a map of every GIBS allocation in the specific epoch.

Thickness of the circle around avatar represents the percentage of monthly pay out going to that specific contributor.

3. Vouching

This page is pretty straightforward.

Here you can vouch for new members to be added to MemeDAO Circle and be awarded for their contributions.